Break Free From Your Phobia & Fear

Do you struggle with a phobia or fear? Is it limiting your life or filling you with fear if you have to face it? Would you like to abolish your phobia so you can feel calm and in control?  

If you have a phobia you will do all you can to avoid it and you may have developed very good strategies for doing this, yet you know the fear doesn't go away and if you have to face your phobia you will experience the fear and dread.

You may be fed up of being limited by fear or maybe the time has come when you can't just avoid it and you know you have to do something about it. 

Is this you?

If you have a phobia you will do all you can to avoid that thing. Whether it is flying, driving, needles and injections or dental work, you may have done a good job of avoiding it. Yet often there comes a point where you can no longer just ignore it and you feel anxious and full of dread. Perhaps you have to fly on holiday, or drive somewhere or maybe you need some dental work or an injection and you don't know how you will cope.

And with many other phobias, such as spiders and dogs, you will be on high alert every time they may be around and you may avoid going places or doing things in case they are there.

As well as all the anxious and fearful thoughts, you may have panic attacks and all the physical symptoms such as shaking, heart racing and feeling nauseous. 

For whatever reason, your mind has learnt that these situations and things are dangerous and must be avoided, even if you know logically that you are safe.

And because you learnt that fear, it is possible to unlearn it so you can relax and get on with it. Let's break the hold of your phobia and help you start to feel calm, confident and in control...

How We Will Abolish Your Phobia and Fear

Working together we will get straight to work abolishing your phobia and fear.

1. I will help you to understand your phobia and fear - why you experience all those feelings, how the fear keeps itself going and how to undo that fear ...

2. I will teach you how to take control over your anxiety and fear so you can immediately start feeling calmer and more in control.

3. Through our sessions we will abolish your phobia so you can start enjoying life, calmly doing the things you want or need to do - and how good will that feel?

Abolish your Phobia Programmes

Are you ready to Abolish Your Phobia right now?

Let's get started right away on moving from anxiety and fear to calmness and confidence.

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I'm looking forward to helping you abolish your phobia...

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