insomnia and anxiety - anxiety ely and newmarket
Insomnia and Anxiety – How to Sleep Better
February 5, 2017
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Top 50 Anxiety Blog Award
March 10, 2017
insomnia and anxiety - anxiety ely and newmarket
Insomnia and Anxiety – How to Sleep Better
February 5, 2017
Top 50 Anxiety Blog Award
Top 50 Anxiety Blog Award
March 10, 2017
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Quit Smoking Help – Stop Smoking Without Anxiety

Quit Smoking Help:

Are you desperate to quit smoking yet find that somehow, no matter what you try, you just can’t break the habit?

If you struggle with anxiety then smoking may have become a sort of crutch that you lean on when you need to try and feel calmer. You may smoke when stressed, worried or just to get a few minutes to yourself a few times a day.

Yet smoking can just add to your stress and anxiety levels. You may feel anxious about the future health impacts and whether you will be around to share the time with loved ones. You may find that you get anxious if you are in a situation where you can’t smoke and worry because that crutch isn’t there.

And of course, the sneaking about and planning your day around cigarettes can also add to the pot of stress and anxiety.

So how can you successfully quit smoking without adding to your anxiety?

Quit Smoking Successfully

For most people, quitting smoking successfully requires more that just deciding never to smoke again. Sure, some people do quit by just going for it and sticking it out, perhaps being a nightmare to be around for a while and sometimes packing on weight as they swap smoking for snacking.

And, often the best approach to quit smoking if you also struggle with anxiety is to sort your anxiety first. I’ve known clients to easily pack in the fags once they got rid of their anxiety and no longer needed smoking to help them try and feel calmer.

quit smoking Ely and Newmarket

To successfully quit smoking, plan and do this:

Before You Stop: Plan To Quit Smoking

1. KEEP A RECORD of every cigarette you smoke for at least a week before you stop. Start paying attention to those habits. This will mean you can successfully plan to address those moments ready for when you quit.

2. WRITE A LIST of all your reasons to quit. Make sure you cover the negative reasons such as the impact on your health, the cost and being fed up of being ruled by them, as well as the positive reasons such as wanting to be healthier, happier and to be there for your loved ones into the future. Keep this with you and remind yourself several times a day of those motivations.

3. BE MINDFUL of your smoking in the week before you plan to stop. With every cigarette, pay attention to how it feels in your hand, the feel and taste on your lips, the smell as you smoke and afterwards. Really pay attention to what you do and how you do it instead of being on auto pilot. And start imagining how much better life will be when you don’t need or want to smoke anymore.

4. SET A DATE and stick to it. Decide when you are going to stop for good and put it in your diary. Tell friends, family and colleagues and enlist their support.

5. THE DAY BEFORE you quit for good you need to mentally note that you are smoking your last ever cigarette. Once it is finished throw out any you have left as well as ash trays and anything else that goes with the habit. Destroy them and enjoy getting rid. Commit to quit.


Being a Non Smoker; Enjoy Being Free of Fags

6. WAKE UP A NON SMOKER! Enjoy it! Celebrate it! Start considering yourself as a non smoker from the moment you wake up. Make it part of who you are.

7. CHANGE THE PATTERNS. Your old smoking habit worked on patterns – you would have smoked in the same sort of moments and situations. Because you kept a note and paid attention you know these triggers. So now do things differently – start mixing up your day and creating new healthy patterns and habits.

8. CRAVINGS? Sure you may get some old craving and urges. The key is to remember that these will seem immediate and urgent but they won’t last long. Remind yourself that they are a positive sign that your body is adjusting to being healthier. Counter any old cravings by deep breathing and going and doing something else – go for a brisk walk, go and speak to someone, drink some water and so on. You are strong enough to handle them successfully.

9. AVOID (TOO MUCH) ALCOHOL. If there is one thing that is likely to scupper you in the early days, it is alcohol. You quit smoking, you feel great, you go out and get drunk and, with your thinking blurred by booze you think you’ll just have the one cigarette because it will be fine. It most probably won’t, so don’t.

10. RELAX! If you used smoking as a crutch for anxiety and stress, you also want to start taking positive action on these. Many people tell me that using my free download really helps them relax once they quit smoking so why not make it part of your new healthy habits?

Of course, using hypnotherapy makes all of this much easier (for example, check out what Glenn, Annie and Alice said).

Help To Stop Smoking

If you would like help to stop smoking then get in touch and ask to book your complimentary strategy session. After all, it’s going to be great to be a non-smoker, isn’t it?

To your success,

Dan Regan

Ps. Be sure to grab your free Anxiety Relief audio right now [ ]

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