August 6, 2016

Low Self Esteem and How To Build It Up

Low self esteem can create an endless cycle of ongoing anxiety, stress and all the associated feelings of not being good enough or being worthless.

It’s like you’ve been conditioned or trained to undervalue yourself.

And the more you have put this into practice over the years by blaming yourself, putting yourself last and criticising yourself, the more you may have wearily just assumed that this is the way it is for you, no matter how much you would like to feel better. but that would just be the anxiety and low self esteem talking.

Because it is possible to learn how to have a healthy level of self esteem that will help you feel happier, confident and better about yourself and what you are capable of.

August 1, 2016

Fear of Public Speaking & Ending The Dread

Fear of Public Speaking and Ending The Dread

Do you have a terror of public speaking? Does just the thought of public speaking fill you with dread?

The fear of public speaking can leave you anxious about possibly being asked to speak in front of others, whether that is speaking on a conference call, delivering a presentation or making a speech. In fact, fear of public speaking is often considered to be the most common fear out there.

And whilst you may be comfortable talking one on one or to a few people, once the numbers increase, so does the panic and worry.

You may have become an expert at getting out of public speaking, yet the threat of it looms large and sooner or later those excuses for getting out of it start to run out. Or maybe you’ve been forcing yourself through that draining anxiety, just wishing you could find a way to calmly and confidently speak, without it taking over your life beforehand.

So if you struggle with public speaking anxiety, what can you do about it to turn it into a more pleasant, even enjoyable, experience?