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Dealing with cancer scan anxiety

Once again this amazing man has helped me. Scanxiety - the anxiety that hits whenever my cancer scans are due, is a real and terrifying reality. It never gets any easier.

Listening to Dan's Abolish Anxiety and Deep Relaxation downloads is helping me to deal with what for the past 4 and a half years has been a regular part of my life. I can also practice some of the techniques he taught me help if I get a panic attack. Trying to count backward in 3's when a panic attack washes over me when I'm on my bike really focuses the mind and the fear lifts away!

I will never be able to thank you enough, Dan. You have helped me so much. Thanks to you this journey I'm on is much more bearable.

Carolyn Ely, Cambridgeshire August 28, 2017

Breaking The Cycle of Anxiety

Dan was able to meet with our son at a time when life had become absolutely overwhelming for him. Dan provided him with the tools to start getting his life back.

From the very first session we noticed a difference and from there, week by week we got our lovely son back. He helped to provide mechanisms for breaking the cycle of anxiety and was available to talk things through and help build our sons confidence up again.

We saw the most fantastic transformation in our son which at one point seemed almost impossible. We cannot recommend Dan highly enough.

Rachel S Ely, Cambridgeshire August 26, 2017

Overcoming Anxiety & Symptoms of Anxiety

In this video, Julie describes how her anxiety issues were impacting on her life. She felt sick, down, stressed. had no energy and lacked confidence and self belief.

Following her sessions, she now has her life back and the things that used to create anxiety no longer bother her. She has more energy, sleeps better and her confidence levels continue to soar.

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Julie Ely, Cambridgeshire March 17, 2017

Becoming Happy & Loving Life

In this video, Jodie describes how she went from feeling anxious and depressed to being happy and loving life:

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Jodie Matthews Newmarket, Suffolk March 14, 2017

Intense anxiety eliminated

Dan is surely a one off! He has successfully been treating my daughter through a period of intense anxiety where we were all but throwing in the towel after months of no sleep. Not my daughter's fault but the situation was affecting all family members.

In one session we saw a glimpse of light, in two the light was on, in three it was blazing and as we progress we can see we have got our daughter back and she too has started to get her life back on track.

Dan supports above and beyond to support his clients and I would certainly recommend him. We call it 'Danotherapy'.

For anyone who is thinking about this, don't think about it act now. It could just save your sanity and turn your frown upside down.

Well done Dan, you're seriously talented!

Thank you so much.


Angie Hannant Norwich December 9, 2016

Driving Anxiety Ended

I have always suffered with anxiety, especially driving anxiety, and have previously tried various medications as well as CBT without success. A few months ago I developed an absolute fear of being in the car, whether or not I was driving, as I was convinced we were going to have an accident and eventually I refused to travel anywhere on any form of transport unless it was absolutely necessary. This fear was taking over my life so out of sheer desperation I came to see Dan after reading about him on the internet.

At our initial consultation Dan made me feel very much at ease so I decided to book eight sessions with him in the hope that he would be able to help me. After the first session I was amazed at how much better I felt and through listening to his hypnosis MP3s and practicing the techniques he has taught me my confidence has grown week by week. I no longer dread getting into the car before a journey, am much more relaxed whilst travelling in any car and am able to drive my own car once again. I am so much more relaxed whilst travelling that I have even booked a coach holiday to Scotland!

I am so thankful to Dan for giving me back my life. My hypnotherapy sessions with him have been incredible and I would certainly recommend him to anyone who has any kind of anxiety issues.

Pauline Ely November 30, 2016

Help To Be Happy

In this video, Natalia describes how her sessions helped her to rediscover how to be happy:

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Natalia Ely November 10, 2016

Anxiety Ended About Asthma

In this video Jen describes how she overcame her anxiety around her asthma:

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Jen McInally Ely October 1, 2016

Health anxiety and lack of confidence

I went to see Dan for the first time a few months ago the issues I had were fairly varied and non specific ranging from health anxiety to an overall lack of confidence which then led to feelings of depression as a result of this I had stopped doing the things I enjoyed and was even struggling to find any enthusiasm for work. As an older person who had previously been quite successful and outgoing I was finding this situation a real struggle I must admit that seeing Dan was a bit of a last resort and I was full of skepticism as to the effectiveness of this type of therapy.

Once I started to work with Dan things really started to improve, some issues were harder than others to identify and improve but with Dan its like working in a team and steady progress has been made and I am now enjoying myself again I still see Dan now and again as I feel his input is invaluable to stop me slipping back to old habits.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dan to anyone

Keith Setchell Cambs September 14, 2016

Overcome Anxiety Help

Overcome anxiety help: In this video, Calum describes how he overcame anxiety after a friend recommended Dan to him:

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Calum Ely 11 July 2016 July 12, 2016

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