Confidence Hypnosis Audio is Fantastic!

I have been listening to the Confidence Hypnosis audio and think it is amazing! After I listen to it, I feel confident and energised to go out and perform! It's all confidence focused and is fantastic!

Laura Newmarket February 21, 2016

Anxiety Hypnosis Works

Hi Dan, wanted to say a big thank you. I am using your Anxiety Hypnosis and Confidence Hypnosis audios repeatedly to help with my anxiety. It works, I am now doing things that are way out of my comfort zone, like making a short video for my business and actually sharing it he he....

Yvonne Walker Nottingham October 28, 2015

Anxiety hypnosis really helped me

Your anxiety and confidence audios really helped me. I have never been much good at following coping strategies before but yours has really helped me. I am more relaxed than ever and I believe that it is your help and guidance that has helped me to relax and as a result I am pregnant with my 2nd baby.

Now I am in a really good place mentally I really do think that it is your relaxation techniques and anxiety busters that have helped me to conceive.

Lorraine R Birmingham September 21, 2015