Dentist so much better

I used to suffer with a fear of the dentist. Just the thought of the dentist made me anxious and feel panicy.

I went to see Dan when I needed a filling done and it was actually fine - SOOO much better than it would have been without your help I think so thank you! I can't say I enjoyed it but I got through it and it was definitely way down on the panic-scale!

Mandy Ely November 12, 2012

Drove my first long distance

I drove my first long distance for two years this past weekend, since getting behind the wheel again and it was in the heavy rain on a motorway and your relaxation tips helped me greatly. Thanks again. It was 9 yrs since I'd been that way!

Matt Cambridge August 8, 2012

Daughter beat her phobia of injections

My daughter finally achieved her aim after 2 years and beat her phobia of injections. After 6 sessions with Dan she managed to use some of the techniques Dan taught her, and have teeth out to enable her to have a brace. She was so pleased with herself and will now be able to have her brace fiitted.

Amanda Ely June 11, 2012

Weight of phobia lifted

I had been suffering with a phobia of all medically related places, people and procedures of any kind before I saw Daniel. I actually called Daniel after a traumatic skiing accident, I had just got back in the country and he came the same day as I was consumed with anxiety.

I was absolutely amazed at how much changed just in one afternoon (so were the people around me), he gave me the confidence to go to the gps and to even talk through my accident. The key things that were identified was that I needed to feel in control and have confidence in myself.

I saw Daniel again a few weeks later as I was worrying about the treatment from my accident, we tried lots of different things and in the end I managed to feel a sense of acceptance. By the time I met my consultant I was hoping for the best but managed to see that whatever the outcome was I could get through it.

It feels so fantastic to have the weight lifted from me and I find it very hard to explain to people how exactly Daniel managed to do that. I just feel now, as Daniel would say, that 'I can do whatever I want to do'! That was our aim and it is being shown to be true already in obstacles that would have thrown me that I have now been able to face.

I think I also found comfort from the fact that if I discovered that part of the phobia was still lingering that I could just arrange to see him again, having great faith that he would guide me through and help disperse the problem.

Its been quite a journey as I had this phobia from childhood and now I am needing to learn what is a normal reaction and what is something more than that. It's like starting afresh!

Emma Cambridge May 11, 2012

Left the dentist smiling

I went to the dentist yesterday as discussed and had the filling needed. It was better than times in the past, I even said to my dentist once out of the chair that it wasn't as bad as I expected and I left the place with a smile on my very numb face.

Michael Ely March 18, 2012

Taken control over fear of needles

After a life long fear of needles I decided enough was enough. I was nervous about hypnotherapy but didn't know what else to do. I felt completely comfortable at all sessions and even though I was not completely convinced it would work the results have been great. I now feel much more in control of my previous fear and able to face it. I am so happy with the results and if I have any other issues in the future I will be returning for help from Dan.

CM Ely October 28, 2011

No concern being around dogs

I have had a dog phobia for nearly all my life when I went to see Dan. He put me completely at ease throughout the therapy and I am pleased to say that I am now able to walk confidently through a park with no concerns about dogs being there. It's amazing, many thanks.

Julie Hallam Ely October 18, 2011

Dog phobia changed

It's amazing that this (dog phobia) is finally changed, so thank you very much!!!

JH Ely July 26, 2011

In complete control when I am driving

Before I came to see Dan I felt controlled by my fear of driving but now I feel in complete control whenever I am driving. Thanks Dan!

Anon Cambridge February 7, 2011