What People Say…

Taken control over fear of needles

After a life long fear of needles I decided enough was enough. I was nervous about hypnotherapy but didn't know what else to do. I felt completely comfortable at all sessions and even though I was not completely convinced it would work the results have been great. I now feel much more in control of my previous fear and able to face it. I am so happy with the results and if I have any other issues in the future I will be returning for help from Dan.

CM Ely October 28, 2011

It’s amazing!

It's amazing! Barely recognise myself. No real anxiety and bad feelings are really not happening anymore. More chilled than when I was in my best place!

Deborah Ely October 27, 2011

I’m feeling very good!

I'm feeling very good. Thank you. It's been really amazing.

FP Ely October 19, 2011

No concern being around dogs

I have had a dog phobia for nearly all my life when I went to see Dan. He put me completely at ease throughout the therapy and I am pleased to say that I am now able to walk confidently through a park with no concerns about dogs being there. It's amazing, many thanks.

Julie Hallam Ely October 18, 2011

The necessary tools to deal with anxiety

I attended hypnotherapy with Dan Regan to try to overcome anxiety issues related to work. I was sceptical to begin with but felt i had no other options left. The first session left me feeling incredibly relaxed and already i had a confidence boost. Three subsequent sessions later i have been provided with the necessary tools to recognise growing anxiety and to deal with it. Dan's approach was unpressurised and it felt quite natural to discuss all of my issues related to my condition.

JW Ely October 10, 2011

Dog phobia changed

It's amazing that this (dog phobia) is finally changed, so thank you very much!!!

JH Ely July 26, 2011

Dan has given me my life back – thank you Dan.

I have been suffering with anxiety for 6 years, stuck in a cycle that no-body could help me get out. I had considered hypnotherapy before, getting as far as sending out emails to local hypnotherapists who warmly responded and wanted to call me, this pushed me away and it stopped there.

In March this year I did the same thing, emailed local hypnotherapists determined to try anything… again I got replies from people wanting me to go and see them or call them, one reply stood out from the rest. It was from Dan – there was no pressure to ‘talk’ and he allowed me to ask all my silly questions (without making me feel silly) about hypnotherapy via email and never ‘urged’ me to go and see or call him. I gained an ‘e-friend’ and Dan managed to eliminate all my fears over hypnotherapy enough for me to finally attend a session.

The first one exceeded all my expectations, having not actually relaxed for almost 6 years I found it difficult but Dan pursued until it happened and it really did happen. I noticed improvement with each and every session – I won’t lie, I had a really major setback due to an upcoming holiday (one of my ‘triggers’) but at my next session immediately Dan worked his magic. I left confident, happy, straight back to where I was before the setback with ease and went on the have the most fantastic holiday I have had for years.

Hypnotherapy can deal with so many issues, not just anxiety so I’m sure I’ll be seeing him again soon. Dan is a friendly, sympathetic, determined man and he has given me my life back. Thank you Dan.

Sara Cambridge July 19, 2011

The difference was amazing

I went to see Dan as I had started driving lessons but was making myself ill with anxiety before each lesson, just the thought of a lesson the next day would be enough to start making me feel ill. I would pray the driving instructor would not turn up and I would think of excuses to cancel lessons. I did not fully believe Dan could help me but I was desperate to try anything.

After the first session the difference was amazing, I was actually excited about my lesson the next time one came round and with the coping mechanisms Dan taught me I feel I now have the problem under control after just two sessions. Dan even followed up with me to see if I was ok and it is good to know I can go back for a refresher session if I need it.

Lindsay Ely July 7, 2011

More in control over social situations

I went to see Dan regarding a problem that was starting to really affect my life and going out in social situations, after my first meeting with him he put me at ease and he was very understanding and easy to talk to. I had a few meetings with him and after each one I came out feeling more in control. I now feel able to meet my fears head on thanks to Dan. It's nice to know he is there if I need him.

Lisa Ely July 2, 2011

Now I have the confidence to be who I am

I came to see Dan after reading his article in the local paper, as my problems included paranoia/ self conciousness/ low self esteem/ confidence etc... which affected me in all aspects of my life including social situations/relationships/work.

I saw Dan for 3 sessions and now i have the confidence to be who I am and live my life without worrying what others think about me and I'm finding that it is getting easier with time. I now feel ready to live my life to the full.

James Ely April 26, 2011