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February 5, 2016
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Stop Anxious Worst Case Scenarios


One thing I’ve noticed from helping so many people overcome anxiety, is how often anxiety can hijack your imagination. Somehow in the blink of an eye your thoughts speed away into catastrophe and worst case scenarios that ramp up your anxiety levels.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you one powerful way to regain control over your thoughts that can seriously diminish your anxiety.

Anxiety fuels your imagination in unhelpful ways – and like a river, it will always find SOMETHING to worry about. And the more you run those worst case scenarios, the higher you drive up the anxiety and the more that river flows…

Stop Anxiety Creating Worst Case Scenarios

So here’s how you can take back control over your thoughts and extinguish that anxiety in seconds:

  • Become aware that you are running a worst case scenario in your mind. Rather than noticing WHAT you are thinking, notice HOW you are thinking it…Is it black and white or colour, life size, bigger or smaller, bright or dark? Are you in the movie or are you looking through your own eyes as if you were there right now? Is there sound or is it quiet? Notice anything else about how you do it.
  • However your do it, imagine stepping out of the image so you can see yourself in it (like looking at someone else who looks like you).
  • Move the image into the distance and make it smaller and darker. Then move it even further away and make it even darker so it’s like watching it on a small TV or tablet in the distance.


  • Let all the colour drain out so it goes black and white like an old movie. If there is any sound, imagine turning it down and then off into silence.
  • With the image imagined in this way, notice that your anxiety has either hugely diminished or even evaporated.
  • As you look at that thought in this neutral way, ask yourself if you need to take any action or whether you are just making things up in your head (CLUE: unless it is happening RIGHT NOW you are making it up in your head).
  • Now, change the channel in your head to something you would rather think about, maybe a happy scene or a calming scene, and make that image bigger, brighter, bolder as you let it fill your mind.


As I discuss with my clients, there is a reason why cinemas have screens that are big, bright, colourful, and loud! You get drawn in. And it’s the same with the movies in your head.

A cinema with a small, dark, silent movie in the far distance wouldn’t stay around very long – and if you put this e-mail into practice then your worst case scenarios will soon go out of business too.

My goal is to help YOU overcome your anxiety so if you have a second please POST A COMMENT BELOW and let me know how this e-mail helps you take control over your thoughts and reactions.

I’ll use your comments to make these e-mails even better for you so go ahead and post now.

Dan Regan

Abolish Your Anxiety

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