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January 7, 2016
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Anxiety Symptoms Eliminated for Alice

In the video below, Alice describes how we worked together to end her anxiety symptoms (and we also sorted her fear of flying along the way!).

Anxiety can feel overwhelming yet it is possible to take back control and feel calm again. You can regain control over all those unwanted anxious thoughts and feelings.

There are ways to reign in all those anxiety symptoms and stop those thoughts that limit your life. Alice is evidence of this and I hope that when you watch the video it inspires you to take action against anxiety.

How Alice Overcame Her Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety symptoms can start to take over your life. You may wake up anxious and have those thoughts and feelings through the day. They can then ripple into your quieter moments and into your sleep and you find yourself waking up already exhausted.

And with that tiredness making you feel less strong and resiliant, your stressed out and anxious brain can slide into overdrive. Whether it is the physical anxiety symptoms that affect you most – feeling hot, shaky, on edge, sick and so forth, or your thoughts that dominate your mind, you can use how your mind works to move it in a more positive direction that lets you feel better.

Here is what Alice said after our sessions working together which enabled her to let go of her severe anxiety and fear:

Watch on YouTube:

If you are currently struggling with anxiety symptoms and thoughts then as a first step, I’d suggest you grab a copy of my free Creating Calm hypnosis audio. You need to help your mind to feel calmer rather than on high alert and stressed. This audio can help you to give your mind some time off from all that worry.

So grab your copy and allow yourself to start feeling mentally and physically comfortable.

Dan Regan

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