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Lower Anxiety This Sure-Fire Way

I’ve helped hundreds of people to abolish their anxiety and there is one sure fire anxiety busting thing that I get each and every one of them to put in place.

Some may think it is too simple yet each and every one of them who does it regularly soon starts to appreciate how they can quickly lower anxiety.

So what is this sure fire way to start feeling calmer and more in control?

Reduce Your Anxiety

You may have noticed that when you feel anxious you start to breathe quicker and shallower.

Or you may not have noticed because how often do you really notice your breathing? The first thing you may notice is what happens after your breathing changes, like feeling tense or a weight on your chest or your heart beat accelerating and all those other symptoms of feeling anxious.

So by learning to control your breathing you can quickly calm down all those other symptoms and put yourself back in calm control.

That’s why everyone goes on about breathing techniques as a way to calm anxiety. Yet not all breathing techniques are equal in terms of their effectiveness.

The most effective way to lower anxiety is to purposely breathe out longer out than in.

When you do this, your body has no choice but to calm down because it triggers your automatic relaxation systems.


Lower anxiety using your breathing

What To Do If You Feel Anxious

So if you start to feel anxious then do this:

  • Pause and focus on your breathing
  • Breathe in to a count of 7
  • Breathe out to a count of 11
  • Repeat for one to two minutes

It really is that simple. It doesn’t matter whether you breathe through your nose or mouth or even how quickly you breathe or what numbers you use – as long as the out breath is longer than the in breath you will zap that anxiety.

There is one more step though – practice – and then practice some more. The more you get used to this when you don’t need it the easier it will be to use it if you do need it. So get used to doing it in the car, at your desk, while watching TV, just before you sleep and any other time you already feel relaxed.

It could be all you need to lower your anxiety and to start feeling calmer.

Dan Regan

Abolish Anxiety


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