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Ending Needle Phobia & Injection Fear

End phobias and fears

Do you have a needle phobia and fear of injections? Along with dentist fear and driving fear, this is one of the most common things I help people successfully overcome.

You may have been able to successfully avoid needles up until now – but then you find you need one, perhaps at the dentist, or for a blood test or to go abroad, and all that fear of injections is right there (as you probably knew that one day you would have to face it but that was always for another day….). So what can be done to end the fear of needles?

Ending Needle Phobia & Injection Fear

The good news is that you weren’t born with it, so whether your needle fear is recent or seems to have always been there, at some point your mind learnt that it was something to have fear and panic about.

To end the fear you need to teach your mind how to feel calm instead of fearful around needles. In addition you need to detach all the fearful feelings and emotions from previous experiences so that you no longer automatically continue to experience the fear around injections.

Once you achieve both of these things, you can calmly and confidently go for blood tests, injections and jabs without panic and anxiety in the lead up and when you are there.

And probably the easiest way to end that fear is to download my FREE relaxation MP3 and, as you relax, start imagining how you do want things to go – seeing yourself calm and in control as you get your injection and with everything going successfully.

End phobias and fears

End Your Fear of Needles

What They Say

And, as an example, here is what AP wrote after I helped her end the fear of needles and injections:

“After 39 years of dreading anything to do with needles, injections and especially fearing having to have a blood test I am very happy to have finally overcome this stressful and embarrassing problem! I had previously visited 3 other hypnotherapists (unsuccessfully) over the years to get over the totally irrational faints and vomiting that would happen every time in the past I’d had to have vaccinations.

However, this morning I calmly went for my first ever blood test feeling relaxed, confident and able and to do this. Even with nearly an hours wait (that would have had me in bits before) I didn’t have any of the old nerves, nausea or fainting and just chatted through the whole procedure. The only rush I felt was when I realised I’d done it! Thank you Dan you have helped me where others have failed to!” AP, Ely, Cambridgeshire

If you need some help to end your needle phobia then get in touch today and we can arrange a free initial consultation to get things moving forwards.

Dan Regan

Abolish Anxiety


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