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June 2, 2016
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How To Reduce Anxiety – Featured in Hello

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How To Reduce Anxiety:

The dreaded anxiety can have huge impacts into many areas of your life. Recently I was talking to weight loss expert and Sky 1 presenter, Steve Miller about how anxiety can impact on your weight if you comfort eat to try and deal with those thoughts and emotions.

Steve asked me for the best strategies to reduce anxiety and start taking back control.

How To Reduce Anxiety

Follow these seven practical steps to start taking back control over your anxiety:-

  1. Prioritise time daily to pause and relax mentally and physically. There are many resources out there to help, for example, you could download the wonderful free calming hypnosis audio from this website.
  1. Learn how to use your breathing to calm yourself. Focussing on your breathing can soon put you back in control. Practice breathing in for a count of 7 and then out for 11. Make sure that your outbreath is longer than your in breath.

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  1. Take control over your imagination and change the channel in your mind from those negative scenarios of what you don’t want to happen to focus more and more on what you do want.
  1. Find time to be active every day by exercising or going for a brisk walk. Give yourself an outlet for all that physical worry.
  1. Calm down that internal self-talk in your mind. Notice what you are saying to yourself, and then let your internal dialogue relax and reaffirm confidence.

reduce anxiety ely hello magazine

  1. If anxious thoughts are bothering you and those unwanted emotions are escalating, start counting backwards in your head from 300 in units of 3. This gets the thinking part of your brain engaged and dilutes the emotions.
  1. Make sure you deliberately focus on what is going right too. A simple way to do this is to every morning think of three things you are looking forward to that day, and every night think of three things that went well that day.

Follow this advice and remember that anxiety doesn’t have to define or control you – it can be managed.

To your success,

Dan Regan

Anxiety Management Expert


You can read the Hello article here

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