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Struggling with Anxiety? 5 Top Tips To Break Free

Daily Mail Anxiety help article

Struggling with anxiety?

Have you been struggling with anxiety? Recent research suggests that anxiety levels remain high as we all cope to deal with the modern pace, pressures and demands of life.

Research also suggests that, whilst anxiety can strike anyone, women are twice as likely to have anxiety as men.

In light of this, I recently appeared in the Daily Mail Online giving my top five tips on how you can break free from anxiety. Check them out in the article below.

Struggling with anxiety tips

To read my Mail Online article on their website click on this image:

Daily Mail Anxiety help article

You can also click here to read my article about struggling with anxiety and how to break free.

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Here are those 5 tips for overcoming anxiety:


It probably didn’t cause your anxiety but it certainly doesn’t help it. Reading bad news stories can add fuel to your anxiety, and looking at posts from others about how great they are can lead to all those endless worries about why you have anxiety and why you aren’t good enough.

what causes anxiety - anxiety help


Anxiety is your body’s way of preparing you for action. If you were exercising you would expect to breathe faster, get hotter and get your heart pumping. Yet if you aren’t exercising then all those worst case thoughts come into play and all those symptoms have nowhere to go except round and round.

So get active by getting out for at least a ten minute walk a day. Walk tall, look around and give your brain some time off from all that worry.



Get your natural relaxation response working by extending your out breath.

When you feel anxious you start breathing quicker, shallower and from your chest as your body gets ready to do something. To undo this, hold your breath for five seconds then slowly breathe out for a count of eleven (a count, not seconds) and then in for a count of seven, then back out for eleven and so on for a minute or so.

Remember the key is that the out breath is longer than the in breath. And be sure to practice it regularly, even in those moments when you feel calm and safe, so it becomes more familiar and natural.

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Anxiety hates a vacuum and so if you feel anxious, it will always find something to flow into for you to worry about. It’s like having a river of worry flowing inside: if you block one direction, anxiety will find something else to focus on. Often we just go with it and find ourselves going with those thoughts and ending up more and more anxious.

And in moments when you feel calmer you may wonder why you spent so much time and energy over irrational and unlikely scenarios.

So start getting in the habit of challenging and questioning those thoughts that anxiety is creating. Start asking yourself how likely is it that this scenario would actually happen? What else might happen? Is anxiety just making it up in your head? What would be an OK outcome that could happen? What would be a good thing that could happen?

By recognising that the worst case is not the only possible thing that could happen, you start to dilute the hold of anxiety.


An anxious mind is a stressed out mind so give yourself some time off from all that worry.

You can use meditation, mindfulness or you could join the hundreds of people who have downloaded my free Anxiety Relief Audio which I specifically recorded to help you find more calmness and peace.

Creating Calm Free Hypnosis MP3 from Abolish Anxiety

It’s my mission to help you overcome your anxiety and get on with your life so if I can help then just let me know.

To your success

Dan Regan

Anxiety Management Expert

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