March 10, 2017
Top 50 Anxiety Blog Award

Top 50 Anxiety Blog Award

Top 50 Anxiety Blog Award

I’m very honoured that this anxiety blog has been named in the Top 50 of the ‘Best Anxiety Blogs on the planet’ list by (March 2017).

So a huge thank you to you for reading this and helping me share my message that we can overcome unnecessary and unwanted anxiety, fear and worry.

February 5, 2017
insomnia and anxiety - anxiety ely and newmarket

Insomnia and Anxiety – How to Sleep Better

Insomnia and Anxiety – How To Sleep Better:

Is anxiety driving your insomnia and keeping you awake at night? Or maybe you worry about the prospect of going to bed and all those hours you’ll be lying awake and wondering why? And could it be that when you try to go to sleep, or if you wake up in the early hours, all those thoughts swirl around your mind and you can’t shut them out?

Insomnia and anxiety are often closely linked and often become so interconnected that you can no longer tell which is leading to which.

Many people I help find that their insomnia creeps in first and before they know it they start to dread those hours of lying awake at night. Other clients find that their anxiety has spread into their nights and they lie awake with their mind still going in overdrive over all the worst case scenarios.

And of course, the more tired you feel from insomnia and anxiety, the harder it becomes to find the physical and mental energy to finally break that pattern.

January 23, 2017
anxiety and stress

Get Help For Anxiety and Stress – Cambridge News

Get Help For Anxiety and Stress:

Recently I appeared in the Cambridge News talking about the huge rise in the number of people contacting me to seek help for anxiety and stress.

More and more people are seeking an effective solution to their anxiety and stress and you can check out what people say after working with me by going to this part of the site: What People Say

In this article I’ll give you five things you can start doing right away that will help you with your anxiety and stress and which you can start implementing today.

January 23, 2017
anxiety treatment

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment – How To Overcome Anxiety: 

Are you sick of your anxiety ruling your life? Maybe your anxiety overwhelms every part of your day and night or maybe it hovers in the background ready to pounce at certain times.

However all those anxious thoughts and feelings take hold in your life, you need to find an anxiety treatment that works for you.

When anxiety takes over, it can be hard to take positive action or to feel like things could change for you, so in this blog I’ve included some inspiring anxiety treatment success stories to motivate you. I want you to watch these videos and feel a growing confidence that you too can overcome anxiety.

And you too can soon reclaim being the calmer you.