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How To Be More Confident


How to be more confident: Could you use more confidence in some areas of your life?

Anxiety, panic and fear have a way of eroding your confidence levels as your mind fills with what-ifs, worst cases and worrying thoughts.

Having struggled in the past with low confidence and self-esteem, I now love helping people find the self-belief they need to follow their dreams. I speak from experience when I say that all that worry and anxiety can be a thing of the past for you.

In this article you’ll find 5 ways that show you how to be more confident. All you need to do is apply them.

Marc discovers how to be more confident

Recently I helped Marc  discover how to be more confident in areas such as presentations and video / phone conferences so that he can now engage with and participate in these without any fear. Here’s what he had to say:

Watch on YouTube here:

How To Build Self Confidence

Put these practical steps into place to build self confidence and let your self-belief rapidly soar to a higher level:

1) Be Body Confident: Use your body in a way that oozes inner confidence – walk and stand tall, look up and move as if a thread is pulling you from your centre.

2) Watch Your Self Talk: Sometimes your biggest critic is the one in your own head so switch that inner voice to the one that you use when you feel secure, confident and comfortable.

3) Recognise Progress: As you move outside your comfort zone, ask yourself what went well, what could have gone better and how you can make it that much better next time.

4) Learn to Relax: Be the real you, like you are when you are with people you feel comfortable around. Practice using your breathing to feel calm (making your out breath a little longer that your in breath will quickly do this).

5) Programme your mind for confidence: When relaxed, imagine watching yourself going through your day looking confident, self-assured and calm. The more you relax and focus on what you do want, the more you are priming your mind to relax naturally when you are in that situation for real. (To make this even easier and more powerful you may want to get a copy of my Confidence Hypnosis audio and use it regularly like Marc).

To your confidence and success,

Dan Regan
Anxiety Management Coach
Ely HQ

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