May 4, 2016

How To Be More Confident

How to be more confident: Could you use more confidence in some areas of your life?

Anxiety, panic and fear have a way of eroding your confidence levels as your mind fills with what-ifs, worst cases and worrying thoughts.

Having struggled in the past with low confidence and self-esteem, I now love helping people find the self-belief they need to follow their dreams. I speak from experience when I say that all that worry and anxiety can be a thing of the past for you.

In this article you’ll find 5 ways that show you how to be more confident. All you need to do is apply them.

May 3, 2016
get relief from anxiety symptoms - coping with anxiety

Relief From Anxiety Symptoms – Help Coping With Anxiety

Relief from anxiety symptoms – help coping with anxiety:

I’ve been in and through anxiety myself and having successfully come out the other side I now help people everyday to find relief from their anxiety. I know how awful anxiety feels and so I wanted to make sure that you know all about the wonderful free tool I’ve got for you.

In fact I created a little video to tell you all about it! You can watch it by clicking the link below.

February 18, 2016
Blues musician danny bryant anxiety hypnotherapy in ely

Stop The Anxiety Blues

Is your anxiety giving you the blues? With all that anxiety and worry, it’s common for me to hear how low and depressed people can become. And sometimes it may feel as though there is no end to that dread and anxiety.

Yet today, I mean a different sort of blues because I’m humbled to have been endorsed by Danny Bryant, probably the UK’s No.1 blues artist.

Danny recently posted on Facebook about my Abolish Anxiety programme.

February 18, 2016
Phone anxiety and fear of talking on the phone

Conquer Phone Anxiety & Fear

Do you struggle with phone anxiety and a fear of talking on the phone?

Although e-mail, text and messaging have grown massively in recent years and can be incredibly useful, most of us at some point in our work, family and social lives are going to need to answer a phone call or make one.

If you struggle with a fear of talking on the phone, what may look easy to others, can become a source of huge anxiety, worry and concern.

So in this article I’ll be covering how you can conquer your phone anxiety and overcome your fear of talking on the phone.